Hello, and welcome to the BesLogic blog!

For a while, now, our team members have been having thoughts about articles and technological posts. Each time, we thought it would be nice, some day, to take the time of writing them up and publish them, and that day is today! This blog will be that platform, where we will share our ideas and technological knowledge.

We hope that you’ll find this blog to contain many, high quality, technical articles, with maybe one or two articles more centered on the lifestyle and events of our company, here and there. The main focus will however always be the technology.

At BesLogic, we use many different technologies, in our different projects, and we want this blog to be a reflection of that. The idea behind many of our articles will come from our team members, and will tackle different subjects, different frameworks, and different languages.

As the blog writer, I want to publish a new article every Friday, starting this week, on Friday the 17th. You can put that day in your calendar, and be waiting for our articles to come out sometimes during the day!

With that said, I hope you’ll join us in our first article tomorrow!