Last year was loaded by many denunciations and enlightenment on several shocking and unfortunate events. The staggering number of denunciations around the world has left no one indifferent. We all remember the Weinstein and Kevin Spacey #meToo scandal and closer to us the case Gilbert Rozon and Eric Salvail to name just these. Many courageous women and men have dared to publicly report sexual harassment and become in spite of themselves a standard bearer of this cause. Unfortunately, it is not always easy and without consequence to stand up and publicly denounce your employer, a coworker or a professional relationship.

It is for this reason that the PeerSpheres team has developed an original platform to help the cause and provide a way for the victims to anonymously report such a situation. A person who would like to notify his company and / or his human resources department can do so anonymously using the form available free of charge on the website

When a victim completes the form, an email is sent to the address provided, informing the company of the problem experienced by one of its members. PeerSpheres will provide interested employers and human resource teams a suite of tools that offer creative ways to evaluate their workforce according to the company’s values. Allowing them to highlight the teammates who stand out whether it is positive or negative. In this way, a team can, again anonymously, highlight the inappropriate behaviors and also highlighting the remarkable behaviors that are worthy of mention.

report harassment initiative to report harassment

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