For more than a decade, Beslogic has been helping organizations – both mid-size local firms and large multinationals – to achieve their goals.

Our delighted clients across North America keep asking us to take on additional projects, which has allowed us to grow steadily to a team of more than 35 software developers today. We work in a wide range of sectors – telecommunications, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, marketing, government and research.

Beslogic will ensure to deliver value to your company, quickly and accurately.

Our Culture

At Beslogic, we value both customers and team members, viewing them as equally important in helping us to achieve our goal of delivering excellent software.

We believe that when we treat everyone with respect and integrity, we all succeed.

Beslogic Values


We emphasize having fun. Learn, discover, do, build, and enjoy!


We think of others, whether they are a client or colleague. We put ourselves in their shoes and feel their pain or happiness.


We stay curious because we love learning and staying ahead of the curve. Understanding how things work is paramount to us.


In everything we do, for each other, for our work, for our being – respect is essential. Respectful discussion is key and doesn’t always mean agreeing.


We never give up trying to reach for the stars! We find a way, use our imagination and critical thinking to solve our problems.


We take responsibility for our actions. We are committed and dedicated to achieving results.


We always remain true to our strong moral principles. The integrity of the group is essential to our success. 

Our Founder

Yannick Bessette studied software engineering at Concordia University, while at the same time learning English. He graduated with distinction in 2002, emerging with a drive for innovation and a yearning to be an entrepreneur. During his studies, he was constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop something new.

A desire to experience the spirit of high-tech startups took him to Silicon Valley. His stay in Santa Cruz, California, allowed him to understand how software development companies can grow by analyzing client challenges and pursuing creative solutions.

He founded Beslogic to quench a thirst for finding ways to improve the everyday lives of people around the world. The company has been growing steadily ever since. It currently has more than 35 employees, with further expansion planned for the next year.

In addition to his interest in software development, Yannick is fascinated with building outstanding teams and helping a group of people achieve their professional goals. Several years ago he co-founded a community café to explore new ideas for managing staff and meeting the needs of customers. This experience has informed his desire to make Beslogic an outstanding workplace and a company that collaborates fully with clients.

Most of all, Yannick loves facing and conquering a big challenge. “Bring it on!” he says.