Artificial intelligence expertise

We are proud to participate in innovative projects contributing to the acceleration of AI adoption in Quebec and North America. Our AI technologies are available to assist a wide range of companies who wish to optimize their processes.

We develop concrete artificial intelligence solutions that give you an unparalleled competitive advantage

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing has many benefits for your business. Our team is able to tailor this technology to allow you to better access text meaning, as well as reduce search time. As this technology is capable of recognizing the general tone of a text, data extraction essential to your understanding can be further optimized.


Pattern Recognition

The techniques and methods associated with pattern recognition are mainly aimed at identifying patterns. These patterns contain information that helps you make informed decisions and can vary from barcodes, faces, QR codes, fingerprints, voice recognition, medical imagery and satellite images.

Image enhancement

Our experts use this tool to increase the resolution of any image. Artificial intelligence creates new pixels on top of the existing image to improve its quality.

Intelligent Automation

Our expertise in process automation allows you to optimize your efficiency as several tasks can be performed simultaneously. You benefit from time and energy savings, as well as a reduction in the relevant margins of error in order to achieve your business objectives more efficiently.

Beslogic is located at the heart of Montreal’s AI hub

Montreal is a world-renowned center of expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. We have experienced AI specialists on staff who work together to drive innovation.

Taking on innovation missions

Ethical and responsible AI integration practices are foundational to our mission. Beslogic prides itself on ensuring the healthy progression of all its developed technologies.

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