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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with Beslogic's New Service: Data Valuation Analysis (DVA)

Is your data an underutilized gold mine? Find out with Beslogic's Data Valuation Analysis (DVA). Our straightforward process delivers a comprehensive report with technical recommendations to unleash the power of your data.



What is the process of developing a software product at Beslogic?

In this blog post, learn more about all the steps involved in the development process of a software product at Beslogic.



Why invest in custom software for your business?

You have a technological project in mind for your company, and you hesitate between the option of developing a custom software adapted to your business needs, and that of buying a license for an existing software solution that only meets a certain part of your needs.



Say goodbye to long, repetitive and boring tasks with business process automation

What if there was a solution to make your employees happier and more motivated by avoiding long, repetitive and boring tasks, the ones that no one wants to take on?