How does artificial intelligence benefit Canadian businesses?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now. Some are big fans, while others are still hesitating. In any case, this growing technology is certainly stimulating a lot of interest and curiosity, especially in a context of economic growth.

Audrey Smyth

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More and more companies are turning to AI to increase their performance and achieve greater competitiveness in their industry. It has already proven its worth by enabling several organizations that have integrated it into their current systems to save time and improve their processes.

AI will be an integral part of the future economy and promises to change society as we know it today. So artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword, but rather a complex system that will change the way we think, work and do business.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence and cognitive functions, reproduced by machines, robots, and in particular, computer systems. In this sense, AI can possess certain skills for which it is trained, such as natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, speech, image and pattern recognition, and also task and process automation. AI is therefore capable of learning and solving common problems with the help of intelligent systems.

Why is it important for companies to invest in AI?

AI technology allows companies to gain productivity and efficiency, while improving overall performance levels through process automation. AI can, to some degree, mimic human intelligence and incorporate machine learning models. By migrating tasks that were once performed by humans into the realm of artificial intelligence, error margins are reduced and execution time is optimized. In addition, AI provides access to databases that would not otherwise be available. This information is valuable and plays a major role in the decision-making process and business strategies for companies in various sectors, such as health, construction, transportation, finance, agriculture, and many more.

Challenges? Yes, but manageables

Obviously, undertaking a shift towards the artificial intelligence sphere can confront companies with certain challenges when implementing AI in their business strategy. In Quebec and in North America, companies are still hesitating to adopt the technology for various reasons. According to the Quebec government, several factors may be at the core of it, such as the lack of expertise related to AI, the reluctance to finance AI projects, the complexity of integrating new technologies, the investment in training, and many others.

All things considered, although these challenges and issues are to be anticipated in a business plan for a company that wishes to adopt AI, it is also an investment that promises profitability and a considerable increase in the growth of your company.

Be adequately accompanied for your AI projects

It is quite normal to have questions and not know where to start when faced with so much novelty and unknown. At Beslogic, we seek an ethical use of AI technologies in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable integration and development of it. Artificial intelligence has a multitude of benefits and holds great potential for businesses to perform better and increase their long-term competitiveness.

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