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Who is Yannick Bessette the founder of Beslogic ?


Graduated with distinction from Concordia’s software engineering program (software) in 2002, Yannick is passionate about innovation. During his studies, he was constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to create something new, something no one else had ever thought of before.

This journey of curiosity led him to work in Santa Cruz, California. A stay that allowed him to understand the issues and the spirit of Silicon Valley.

Also on his roadmap, he co-founded Urban Agenda, a community café where he was able to put forward and test really different applications to manage staff, suppliers and customers. All in the form of an ecosystem where all stakeholders can evolve in harmony and with great satisfaction in all their spheres of interaction.

He founded the company Beslogic to relieve a thirst for creating new solutions to the problems of life. He loves the challenges and opportunities of all the inefficiencies in the world we live in.

Yannick believes that we have the power to turn these problems into opportunities and ways of working that really help people in their daily lives.

Why computing? Because it’s an area where innovation is at our fingertips, literally and at any time.

What does our team do ?


We develop innovative team solutions

To measure the customer and employee experience

To evaluate the organizational culture of companies

To schedule custom events as needed

As well as tailor-made development for our clients



We are always looking to expand our team of collaborators with passionate, human and innovative people.

You want to work on projects of values, to develop inspiring solutions and especially to have fun as a team?

If so, we want to know you and discover you.

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