DRL - Molson Coors

Manufacturing and retail

Order automation and warehouse control system for Molson's new distribution center


In partnership with DRL Systems, to develop an advanced technology and algorithms to organize the preparation of products and beverage pallets for Molson's customers. This system must be able to interact with the customer's ERP system to receive orders and product specifications, request pallets of bulk products, and store the customer's mixed pallets.


A powerful software allowing the client to increase its productivity, reduce the risks of errors and increase the reliability of its processes

"Yannick and his team greatly contributed to the final success of the project. We can definitely consider ourselves a very satisfied client and we are ready to continue the journey together."

Charles Ethier, CIO at DRL Systems


For several years, Beslogic has been developing software in collaboration with DRL Systems, an engineering company specializing in custom automation solutions for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The company has designed and patented a fully automated order picking system (InnoPick™) and developed a warehouse control system (MixMaster™). These two innovative systems are currently used in the Molson distribution center in Montreal and since 2021, in the Longueuil distribution center as well.   

The InnoPick™ and MixMaster™ systems primarily serve two purposes for the customer: 

1. Leverage robotics, state-of-the-art case picking technology and advanced algorithms to organize the preparation of beverage pallets for Molson's customers. 

2. Interact with the customer's ERP system to receive orders and product specifications, request bulk pallets of product, and stock customer mixed pallets. 


The DRL Systems and Beslogic teams collaborated to deliver the complex components of the project, generating outstanding results for Molson, including: 

A reduction in staffing requirements, a major benefit in an industry facing high turnover and a small labor pool 

A significant increase in employee productivity 

Reduced error rates in order picking 

A highly reliable system that meets next-day delivery requirements 

The integration of such technologies into our client's ecosystem has allowed them to increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and increase the reliability of their processes.  

Since the opening of the new Molson Coors distribution center, Beslogic continues to play a critical role in maintaining the system to ensure that all operations continue to run smoothly. 

We can say that this is another successful mission for Beslogic and we are very proud to have been able to contribute to a project of this magnitude to help a giant like Molson Coors improve its business processes.