Pen Testing


Pen Testing service for tracking and analyzing security vulnerabilities


Perform penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities in the client's systems and software


Detailed analysis reports and recommendations on the security vulnerabilities of companies


More and more companies of all sizes are turning to Beslogic's expertise to conduct security monitoring and analysis of their technology ecosystem.

By performing penetration tests (Pen Testing), we are able to find security holes in our clients' software, and most of the time, in their APIs.

Our approach consists in elaborating a detailed report presenting the detected weaknesses and their level of risk, as well as a proposal of tangible solutions to be applied to continue to ensure the security of the organization's data and systems.


Our experts have completed several penetration testing projects. The contracts are usually conducted within a two-week period, during which we perform an intensive monitoring of our clients' technologies. The investigation of the code allows companies to make the necessary corrections to continue to operate with complete peace of mind.