Discover a company culture that is all about humans!

At Beslogic, we value an open culture. What does this mean? Quite simply, it means that every team member has the opportunity to voice their ideas and get involved at multiple levels. This allows everyone to have a real impact on projects and on our community spirit. All roles and tasks are equally important.

At Beslogic, we believe in collective intelligence, fostering learning and creativity in software development

We like to do things differently

We have deconstructed standard hierarchical models by placing team members at the center of our structure. In this way, barriers fall and ideas flow more organically, leaving room for collaboration and innovation.

We believe in you

In order to encourage professional growth and achievement, we have put in place an internal training program that motivates team members to propel their careers and develop their potential. Here, the interests, aspirations and passions of our employees come first. This is how we ensure the success of each project. The management team is accessible and always available to support BesTeam members and help them grow.

A friendly and creative space

Our offices are located in the heart of Little Burgundy, just a stone's throw from the shops on Montreal's iconic Atwater Street. We like to get together for all kinds of activities: lunchtime picnics, video game nights, 5@7 at the best restaurant on the corner...

That's the Beslogic culture: doing things together!

Whether you prefer to work from home or from the office, there will always be space for you at Beslogic.

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Human values that define our codes


Authenticity reigns as much within our team as it does in our relationships with our clients. Here, we tell each other the real things, in the spirit of empathy, collaboration and growth. Everyone is free to be themselves and to express their ideas. Listening with intent is of the utmost importance.

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