Driving the Telecommunications Industry with Innovations that Transform the World of Tomorrow

Our team develops and integrates software within the telecommunications industry to help Canadian businesses and providers deliver better services to their customers. The involvement and expertise of Beslogic have allowed our partners to deploy innovative technologies, including our participation in the ENCOQR 5G project, in the telecommunications sector, to benefit their users and gain a stronger market position.

Beslogic contributes to telecommunications innovation projects by offering:

  • User interface creation to visualize and analyze your data
  • Optimal resource allocation in 5G networks
  • Integration of artificial intelligence to detect and anticipate anomalies in networks
  • Reduction of latency delays
  • Data traffic simulation for AI
  • Development of digital solutions to test internet connection speed
  • Automation and management of virtual or physical network function instantiation
  • Automation and orchestration of tests using the TOSCA language

Discover how Beslogic provides effective solutions for the telecommunications industry.

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