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Data Science and software development Internship 

Data Science Internship 

Your academic path is coming to an end and you are you looking for an internship in a stimulating environment where you can learn and develop your skills?

Great ! We have several research and development projects being optimized at the moment. If you are passionate about the world of Data Science, this internship offer is made for you! 

Founded in 2008, Beslogic is a Montreal-based SME specializing in the development of digital solutions and custom software for businesses of all sizes. Beslogic’s open culture promotes free flowing ideas, in addition to encouraging creativity and innovation. Expertise and collaboration are at the center of the company’s business model, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. More than fifty committed developers contribute daily to the deployment and success of several major projects. 

The advantages of being part of the BesTeam: 

  • A healthy culture and human values ​​that fuel the fun, playful and dynamic environment in which our team works 
  • Open and responsive colleagues who seek your support and your opinion on work, life, your mood and your daily realities 
  • Flexible working hours and flexibility to adapt to your changing needs 
  • A tech stack and awesome community of developers to boost your professional development 
  • A colossal spirit of collaboration within our team as well as with our customers and partners 

Here are some of the tasks and responsibilities you could develop during your internship with Beslogic: 

  • Collecting, processing, analysing and preparing a large amount of data we have gathered to train our AI models 
  • Helping improve the performance of our data management methods 
  • Derive actionable insights from the data we collected for our various products 
  • Define the most relevant analysis to meet various needs to help develop descriptive and predictive AI models 
  • Help us identify trends and patterns and detect strengths and weaknesses in our products. 

Your expertise could help our company rely on detailed results and analysis to make better decisions, and to create new services and products that meet our clients expectations. 

The essentials: 

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, Julia, Perl or C/ C++ 
  • A thorough knowledge of at least one analytical tool such as SAS or R 
  • Be fully conversant with data manipulation and analysis 
  • Able to handle unstructured data 
  • Knowledge of the basics of software engineering such as the development project life cycle 

You will be trained by a team of competent and ingenious developers. Don’t be afraid to bring your ideas, we love it! Do you want to do your internship within the BesTeam?

Come talk to us!

We can’t wait to discover you and share our exceptionally human culture with you!