Join us!

At Beslogic, we are always on the lookout for talented people who want to make a difference. You will be engaged on projects that can change the way organizations work and that help them achieve their goals. We’ll provide you with unique opportunities to solve problems, make decisions and have a powerful impact.

There are plenty of reasons to put Beslogic at the top of your list of great places to work.

We're cutting edge

You’ll be working with the latest tech. We are constantly scanning the horizon to see which new tools might fit the bill for our next project. Our team loves to share thoughts about new programming languages, tools and best practices.

We invest in you

At Beslogic, we’ll challenge you, help you grow and provide fresh projects that will engage you. We hold frequent coding nights where we learn a new language together and see if we can use it in a future project. We take career progression seriously and want you to keep moving forward.

We're established

Beslogic has been in business for more than a decade and grows every year. You won’t be risking your career on a start-up that is struggling to get off the ground. We currently have 35 people – small enough that you will know everyone but big enough that we take on exciting and substantial work.

Lots of benefits

At Beslogic, we believe in building a great team and making sure our team members are taken care of. Here are some of the benefits that we offer:

Health and dental: We’ve got you covered!

Time off: You’ll get three weeks of vacation to start. We know you work hard and you deserve your breaks. As well, we provide personal days and sick days for you or a family member. We firmly believe in work-life balance.

Social events: We frequently enjoy drinks at happy hour. Our social committees organize optional off-site activities to have fun and chillax with the team.

Lunch and learn: We bring in the food and everyone has a chance to find out about cutting-edge stuff!

Flex time: Not a morning person? No problem! Some of our team members prefer to come in late and work late.

Game nights: Let loose with an evening of gaming!

Coding nights: We learn a new language together and see if we can use it in one of our future projects.

At Beslogic, we're upside down!

At most companies, the organizational chart is a pyramid with one or two people at the top and everyone else at the bottom. At Beslogic, we’ve taken the pyramid and turned it upside down. Our employees are at the top and the managers are there to support them.

No experience? No worries

You don’t have to be an expert software developer to join Beslogic. As long as you are curious and eager to learn, you could be a great fit for our company. We know that in five years everything in the world of software will change – in fact, it changed last week! Therefore, the most important attributes for people joining our team are adaptability and a willingness to learn.