Our Approach

Why our work model helps deliver great results, keep costs down and improve communications.

We've created an approach to software development that helps deliver effective code and software expertise to our clients, while making the process efficient and rewarding for everyone involved. It's all about a collaborative team environment based on respect, accountability and responsibility. This encourages interactions directly with your team, fostering a partnership to support your initiatives in building better software.

Our approach helps:

  • Ensure a more efficient development process
  • Minimize overhead costs and stay on track and on budget
  • Accelerate onboarding and safeguard development directions
  • Align product and business requirements 
  • Remove barriers to communication
  • Avoid information gaps or losses
  • Shift gears quickly when need be
  • Foster empowerment and collaboration
  • Encourage idea-sharing

We are not a 'staffing agency'.

Beslogic is not in the business of placing and renting out bodies for margins. Rather, we are developing a cohesive, optimally effective workforce to deliver superior responsiveness, quality and results with our skills. It is fundamental to our value proposition and to our stakeholder business model. 

When you hire Beslogic, you get the whole team.

Most developers at Beslogic are working as Full-Stack developers, allowing them to work on a large variety of tasks, including Scrum Master, Business Analysts, UX/UI, validation, and more.

The developers assigned to your project can count on the expertise of our entire team to resolve any issues they may face. In case a specific skill goes beyond the knowledge of a Full-Stack developer, the whole Beslogic team and its resources are available to assist.

“We are all in this together! That is the “Besway”.