Leverage employee passions
to fuel engagement and growth

Steve Jobs, famed Apple co-founder, once said that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do“. We at Beslogic wholeheartedly agree. It is no longer enough to pay employees well and treat them fairly. If you want to keep your staff happy and prevent them from moving to another organization, it’s important to recognize that people need to do work that they’re passionate about.

EmPower your team with EmPassion

In comes EmPassion, an innovative software tool that uses the power of surveys to help managers identify what their employees are passionate about.

Employees simply fill out a survey in order to identify their interests, their experience in a particular area and their desire to develop new skills. Their managers can then use that information to deploy them on the most relevant projects.

“EmPassion goes further than the usual evaluation of employee satisfaction. It’s about how staff can grow in their jobs and enjoy the work that they do.”

Yannick Bessette, Beslogic CEO

How to leverage Empassion in your organization:


Build productive project teams that are more likely to succeed by selecting employees who are truly engaged in a particular area.


Ask potential employees to complete the survey so that you can be confident that they will be a good fit and meet the organization's needs.


Use the data to understand training requirements and help individuals develop a training plan.


Survey employees regularly to assess their
interests and keep them engaged and motivated.

With EmPassion, you can:

Leverage employee passions to achieve better results

Retain employees longer thanks to higher satisfaction rates

Boost productivity and fuel company growth

Avoid disgruntled employees who then get hired by your competitors

Changent.io, our development partners

EmPassion was developed by Beslogic in partnership with changent.io, a Kingston-based company. Beslogic and Changent have been working together for the past decade to create tools that help people and companies improve human interactions.