Create a healthier, more productive workplace

Assess and improve employee well-being,
workplace culture and organizational performance

PeerSpheres is a powerful program that leverages the power of AI to provide a complete picture of your organizational health in real time.

Built on the concept of 360-degree feedback, the program uses our proprietary AI platform to map out the quality of people’s interactions at the local or global level, by department, team, region or even company sector.

How does it work?


Gathers data from colleagues,
subordinates and supervisors


Analyzes and maps the quality of interactions


Provides powerful reports and access to
user-friendly dashboards

Empower employees
by giving them a voice

  • Obtain anonymous employee input and insights
  • Reinforce with positive feedback
  • Help develop leaders
  • Encourage mentorship mindset
  • Highlight achievements
  • Help get buy-in and engagement
  • Provide fair and accurate evaluations
  • Facilitate change management

Help your management teams make informed decisions

  • Improve the quality of interactions
  • Receive early warning of problems within your teams
  • Stop inappropriate behaviours before they become toxic
  • Identify poor performers early on and take action quickly
  • Recognize outstanding employees based on accurate feedback
  • Obtain evidence to support termination protocols
  • Control costs and minimize risks when terminating employees

“As leaders in human resources, measuring organizational health is our priority. PeerSpheres was a fantastic discovery for me. It is a tool that stands out from other solutions in the market.”

Stéphanie Sauvé – Consultant - Innovation RH - CRHA, our development partners
PeerSpheres was developed by Beslogic in partnership with, a Kingston-based company.

The two companies have been working together for the past decade to create tools that help people and companies improve human interactions.