Create a better workplace every single day

RateMyDay is a simple, user-friendly application that lets employees assess their workday based on a few questions related to company culture, interactions with their peers and recognition. It’s a great way to get precious, daily feedback on employee motivation, productivity and satisfaction.

You can then use this feedback to spot and resolve problems quickly and show employees that you care about their feedback and are committed to creating a better workplace.

How to leverage RateMyDay in your organization:

Better understand the factors that can influence your employees' performance and well-being

Make continuous improvements in your workplace based on real data

Improve communications with your staff

Identify training needs

Detect signs of trouble early on

Resolve problems before they cause major issues

Improve employee interactions

Build up business culture based on employee perception

Spot opportunities to recognize employee contribution

Encourage employee ownership and responsibility

How it works:


Employees use the application to 'rate their day' based on criteria such as productivity, cooperation and punctuality.


They can add comments or additional details about their performance and their team's performance


A summary screen provides insights based on cumulative data


The application screen is personnalised for each user, our development partners

RateMyDay was developed by Beslogic in partnership with, a Kingston-based company. Beslogic and Changent have been working together for the past decade to create tools that help people and companies improve human interactions.