In November 2012, Beslogic was mandated by DRL System to provide two programmers required to integrate their proprietary system at Molson, an important strategic client for the company. This innovative system with their infrastructure almost entirely automatizes their distribution centre while increasing the effectiveness of their logistical efforts. During this project, the members of Beslogic’s team have worked on the business logic and user interfaces of the WCS (Warehouse Control System) while developing and integrating communication channels with SAP, palletisation algorithm of the palletisers and InnoPick™.

After extended collaborative efforts of the DRL System’s and Beslogic’s team, the group succeeded to deliver complex components required by the advanced system. The software development performed using C# and WCF required a quick understanding of the requirements and specifications, a high level of adaptability to the enterprise’s working methods and a very strong commitment to successfully meet the aggressive milestones of the project.

To this date, Beslogic continues to be available to DRL System for the support and maintenance of many parts of the system.

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  • Quality software produced with aggressive milestones.
  • Adapting quickly to new constraints and development environment.
  • Interfacing with SAP using Web Services (WCF).
  • Development of user interface using jQuery and ExtJS.


Following the last minute departure of a senior programmer from our team, in the middle of a crucial phase of our project that had already very difficult deliverables, we quickly reached out to Beslogic. Yannick promptly provided us with two programmers who, with their commitment and skills, quickly poured their efforts into the project and greatly contributed to its ultimate success. Yannick and his team can definitely consider us a very satisfied client as we are ready to continue the journey together.

Charles Ethier 
DRL Systems