After many years of developing its Altitude Content Management platform running on ASP 3, Nmédia Solutions Inc. decided to update its platform product with current Web technologies. In 2007, Beslogic joined this team for more than a year to introduce their on-site software developers to object-oriented programming and software development and architecture. Guiding the team through the software development process involving requirement gathering and documentation, design, development and testing. We supported them with their required technology decisions for this massive undertaking. This has helped to make this service platform what it is today.

Web site:


  • Architecture and Implementation of Web development platform.
  • Training the team in object-oriented software engineering.
  • Project management and team coordination.
  • Establishing and documenting requirements for its content management system.
  • Alternative technology choice recommendations.


With the Beslogic team, we were able to take the development of our content management system, Altitude, to the next level. The advice and direction they gave us allowed us to become better structured and more organized in our work processes. By putting these lessons into practice we were able to more effectively design the architecture of our CMS product.

Louis-Philippe Baril
Nmédia Solutions Inc.