Wishing to revamp some of its internal process management application, Prosol Distribution requested Beslogic’s services to provide guidance as part of the application development activities performed by the team. Through a series of meetings and training sessions targeting various technologies, we have successfully transferred our knowledge to the key actors on the team, allowing them to take on the creation of WFP and Web applications in an autonomous way. Beslogic also participated in the architecture and design of certain projects and used its expertise to promote adequate technologies required for surmounting the constraints of their applications domains.

Web site: http://www.prosol.ca/


  • C# and WPF development framework architecture and design .
  • Intensive object-oriented and structured development training.
  • Guidance and procedure implementation .
  • Integration of technology stack.


Moving ahead into unknown areas of today’s technological landscape was greatly improved by requesting the help of Yannick who, with his guidance and suggestions, helped us redevelop some of our internal application. Through a series of training and design sessions, he managed to greatly increase our level of software reuse and maintenance in our code. His diverse knowledge relative to web, mobile and native application development has provided us with a strong base to create better software. There is no doubt, we will contact Yannick again for more projects.

Mikhael Bélanger 
Manager – Software Development
Prosol Distribution