Weatherford requested the expertise of Beslogic to take part in the revamp of one of its key products. By collecting and synthesizing the requirements from various teams worldwide, Beslogic analyzed the constraints of the application domain and provided optimal technology suggestions based on its experience and industry research. Simultaneously, we developed mock-ups to define intuitive navigation mechanisms and person-machine interactions, defining the application’s user interface. In addition, we provided a functional prototype acting as a means to confirm the user experience concepts that we introduced. As well, our software architect developed advanced software concepts assuring fast and effective data processing, overcoming most web application development constraints. Our programming team then jumped in and was mandated to take on the front-end development of this application.

Web site:


  • Architecture and UI design for revamp of existing application.
  • Real-time client-server communication using Web Sockets in a complex environment.
  • Integration of cutting-edge web technologies such as Angular JS and LESS.
  • Collection and representation of thousands of points per second.
  • Team training on web UI technologies and concepts.


We initially mandated Beslogic to help us designing one of our key products’ user interface. They provided us with the expertise needed to completely redesign this product’s interface. After a successful first phase, we asked their programming team to implement this web application using the latest technology possible. Since the beginning, we have been very impressed by their professionalism, commitment and their ability to deliver tangible results through high-quality software. We are glad to be able to count on their expertise for our software development needs.

Marc Labbé 
Manager, Software Engineering
Weatherford International