How Beslogic helped an aerospace giant speed up its client portal deployment time by more than 50%

Beslogic’s work with a major international aerospace company is a case in point.

A major player in the aerospace industry*To comply with this company’s policies, we are unable to publicize this customer’s name. However, they are available to provide direct testimonials regarding the concrete, pervasive impact of Beslogic on their products, their teams and their processes to any client considering Beslogic for their software development needs. Please contact us if you would like to speak with one of the senior managers at this organization. approached Beslogic to help migrate to newer web technologies a portal where clients could order parts and technical publications, manage their invoices and complete other self-serve tasks. Despite the fact that this global industry leader had some concerns about Beslogic’s capacity to take on the project due its smaller company size, the team got to work immediately and was able to deliver high-quality software on time and on budget. How do we continue to impress them?

A 2-part recipe for success

1. Using agile development approaches

Beslogic team members collaborated closely with the customer to determine requirements and desired outcomes. We proposed actionable, value-added  solutions to every problem we encountered.

2. Working in close proximity with the client team

Key team members from the client worked regularly at Beslogic’s offices (before COVID-19), engaging directly with our developers team. Together, we worked as one collaborative group towards a common goal and success objectives.

This helped remove barriers to communication, avoid information gaps and losses, boost productivity, safeguard development direction and ensure a more efficient process.

“Within weeks, our team members had ramped up and delivered the first requested component of the software. Over time, we significantly improved the portal’s performance and user experience, while integrating the features requested by the client. We also reduced the deployment downtime by more than 50 percent”,

says Beslogic President Yannick Bessette.

Since this project, Beslogic has contributed to the success of several others with this client, even through the COVID-19 pandemic.