How Beslogic and DRL Systems helped Montreal beverage giant boost productivity, reduce errors and increase reliability

When a new Molson Coors $500 million brewery and distribution centre opens near Montreal in 2021, Beslogic will continue to play a vital role in ensuring that operations run smoothly.

The benefits of a long-term partnership

For the past several years, Beslogic has been developing software in collaboration with DRL Systems, an engineering firm specialized in custom automation solutions for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The firm designed and patented a fully automated order preparation system called InnoPick™ and developed a Warehouse Control System called MixMaster™. These systems are currently being used at Molson’s distribution centre in Montreal and will be significantly expanded when the beverage giant opens its new facility in nearby Longueuil (Quebec).

Within the distribution centre, InnoPickTM and MixMasterTM serve two purposes:

1. Leverage robotics, state-of-the-art case picking technology and advanced algorithms to organize the preparation of beverage pallets to Molson's clients.

2. Interact with the customer’s ERP system to receive orders and product specifications, request bulk product pallets and store out the mixed customer pallets.

Powerful software that creates outstanding results

The DRL Systems and Beslogic teams worked together to deliver complex components of the project, generating outstanding results for Molson, including:

– Reduced manning requirements, a major benefit in an industry dealing with high turnover and a low labor pool.

– A significant increase in employee productivity   

– A drop in order preparation error rates.

– An extremely reliable system that meets next-day delivery requirements.

"The software behind these systems is extremely powerful. The warehouse control system works automatically, with minimal needs for employees to manage each order. It’s cost-effective, accurate and simple to use."

says Yannick Bessette, founder of Beslogic

“Yannick and his team greatly contributed to the project's ultimate success. They can definitely consider us a very satisfied client and we are ready to continue the journey together”,

says Charles Ethier, CIO at DRL Systems.