Beslogic helps Orica improve game-changing technology

Orica is a global leader in commercial explosives and blasting solutions for the mining sector. In 2017, the company won the race to develop the world’s first wireless blasting system, called WebGen. A true game-changer for the mining industry, the new technology vastly improves operator safety, increases productivity and reduces waste in blasting operations.

When it came time to develop the technology’s second generation, Orica turned to Beslogic for help in ensuring that the software of their pioneering product would be done right.

“One of the reasons that we turned to Beslogic is that their developers have a wide array of skills and expertise, including a solid understanding of front-end design and software best practices as it relates to the user interface.

They also have the flexibility to work with the type of physical communication protocols (low-level back-end) that we use, whereas many programmers today are only comfortable using cloud-based protocols”,

says François Guillemette, Lead - Technology and Wireless initiation at Orica.

He also praises Beslogic’s agility and responsiveness when it came to resource allocation: “This flexibility was a major asset for us, says Guillemette. It allowed us to bring on additional programmers on a temporary basis during periods when project deadlines required a more intensive output’’.

This same agility also came through in terms of work processes: “We communicated directly with the programmers throughout the project, which made for a much smoother process and helped us stay on track more easily”, says Orica’ project lead.

Under tight deadlines, Beslogic helped Orica develop a second-generation interface for its innovative product that’s easier and simpler to use and provides a much better user experience.

“As a result, we developed a better product overall, and all within budget and deadline”, says Guillemette.

“Without Beslogic’s valuable expertise and agile approach, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They have become a true partner to us”.

François Guillemette, Lead – Technology, Wireless Initiation, Orica