Tangible results through high quality software

Weatherford selected Beslogic to assist our Reservoir Monitoring software team in revamping one of our key product.

By collecting and synthesizing the requirements from various teams worldwide, Beslogic analyzed the constraints of the application domain and provided optimal technology suggestions based on its experience and industry research.

“The initial scope of our venture with Beslogic centered on gathering requirements, developing mock-ups, and building proof of concept for the product. They brought their solid expertise to help us model the UI for best user experience throughout all of our use cases.”

Marc Labbé, P.eng, Weatherford

Complete overhaul from requirements analysis, UX, Architecture, Implementation
Distributed computer and microservices
RESTful API, Angular JS, SignalR, C#
Large-scale project of 2 to 6 developers engaged for 4+ years
Agile methodology and DevOps practices integration
Advanced UI control selection

“… This success gave way to the project development. Beslogic software team integrated with Weatherford’s team into a “professional, no boundaries, dynamic duo”, with flawless communications, collaboration and exchange of ideas. This is the best partnership I experienced in my 30 years+ career.”

Marc Labbé, P.eng, Weatherford