COVID-19 Beslogic is fully operational working from home to stop the spread. Find out more.

Creative and cutting edge software development to help you reach new heights

Right Now at Beslogic

  • Digital transformation

    These days we are doing a lot of Digital transformation and Cloud Application Development including cloud migration, transition to cloud applications, etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We are also super jazzed about some Artificial Intelligence projects we are working on which incorporate Natural Language Processing.

  • COVID-19

    Our thoughts and encouragements go to front-line health care workers. We are doing everything we can to apply our technologies to help the cause. Find out more

  • Working together remotely

    The Beslogic team is fully operational. Working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Tools

Below are some of the technologies we develop with every day.

However, we are aware that the world of software development moves at the speed of light.

That’s why our expertise rests on the ability of our team to grow and learn constantly.

We believe in

Being curious and loving to learn.
Trying approaches, adjusting and trying again.
Embracing new ways, pivot and change.
Ensuring accountability and responsibility.
Committing to continuous improvement.

Beslogic clients excel in...

Beslogic has had the privilege of working with wonderful clients from a variety of different businesses. This keeps us engaged, adaptable and always learning new areas of expertise.

Health care
Customer Experience
Human Resources
Mobile Apps
Real Estate
Wearable Tech
Cyber Security
Fleet Management
Web Development
Speech Recognition
Quality Assurance
Business Process

Beslogic has had the privilege of working with wonderful clients from a variety of different businesses. This keeps us engaged, adaptable and always learning new areas of expertise.

How we work

Beslogic’s methodology for software projects is one of the keys to our success. Like many software firms, we use an agile development process
– but with several twists:

When you hire Beslogic, you get the entire company.

We don’t just have the appointed software developer to complete your project – anyone on the team with different skillsets, expertise and experience, may at some point help come up with solutions to obstacles faced by the group.

Each development team is headed by a Technical Lead.

They established a vision for the project and work with the developers to bring it to fruition. The leads supports the team to produce the best quality software, that the work stays on track and is delivered on time.

Our software developers work directly with clients.

While many firms have account managers for customer liaison, we believe that the people doing the development should engage directly with the end users. We’re responsive to the frequent need to change directions and to continuously improve the software we deliver.

Why choose Beslogic?

We leverage software that will empower companies to drive operational effectiveness. We overcome real-life challenges in people’s workplaces using our skills and ingenuity.

We view our clients as partners. We believe in collaboration to ensure our projects are successful and completed on budget and on time.
We are dedicated. We want to solve problems and delight our clients, not just meet the minimum requirements of a contract.
We treat others the way we want to be treated. We believe that caring about customers and team members gives us a competitive advantage.
constant improvement
We don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly embracing new ideas and trying innovative approaches.
You can count on us. When we say the project will be completed on time and to specifications, we mean it.
innovative solutions
We’re constantly learning because we know that the world of software changes every week. In the face of obstacles, we are creative and determined.