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We have been providing various software services to a series of different companies and industries for more than a decade.

We have the experience and skills to join your team of software developers and architects to thrive in your most valuable projects.

Cloud-based Azure, ASP.NET Core, Angular.JS and Angular 6, React are among the technologies we develop with every day.


Products we built with pride


Our performance improvement system allows any kind of customer-focused store to obtain real-time, concrete observations from their clientele. If you want to know what your customers think of your offerings, this is the system you need. It truly works. You will get addicted to its results.


A revolutionary and highly automated system for a team of individuals who work together and evaluate each other based on company values. This system greatly lightens the load on team managers and team members for performance improvement processes. It causes changes to occur within your workforce with very minimal impact on everyone’s daily workload.

Spin Agenda

Anything a trainer or event organizer needs to manage event subscriptions or sessions for any group activities. May it be cyclist, spinning or even yoga sessions or gathering for your clients. This smart calendar handles waiting lists, payments and more.

Weatherford International

“We initially mandated BesLogic to help us designing one of our key products’ user interface. They provided us with the expertise needed to completely redesign this product’s interface. After a successful first phase, we asked their programming team to implement this web application using the latest technology possible. Since the beginning, we have been very impressed by their professionalism, commitment and their ability to deliver tangible results through high-quality software. We are glad to be able to count on their expertise for our software development needs.”

Marc Labbé

Manager, Software Engineering 
Weatherford International

Prosol Distribution

“Moving ahead into unknown areas of today’s technological landscape was greatly improved by requesting the help of Yannick who, with his guidance and suggestions, helped us redevelop some of our internal application. Through a series of training and design sessions, he managed to greatly increase our level of software reuse and maintenance in our code. His diverse knowledge relative to web, mobile and native application development has provided us with a strong base to create better software. There is no doubt, we will contact Yannick again for more projects.”

Mikhael Bélanger

Manager – Software Development
Prosol Distribution

Nuance Communication Inc.

“Always thrilling, product prototyping presents team coordination challenges in dynamic environments. Exploring progressive software alternatives, BesLogic provided us with the flexibility we needed to find solutions to the problems we presented. They were quick to respond and dedicated to the pursuit of our needs for a marketing prototype. We look forward to working with BesLogic again as we explore future creative solutions.”

Dany Jurkovic

Manager, Mobile Search & Communication R&D
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Notarius Inc.

“Beslogic has been key to a major project delivery at Notarius. They were able to quickly provide qualified and versatile individuals who integrated effectively. Their flexibility and availability proves that they truly understand the business challenges of their customers, and shows I can count on them at any time.”

Patrick Drolet, MBA, Ing., PMP, CBAP

Director of Operations and IT
Notarius Inc.


“While developing a software application containing many design constraints, BesLogic’s developers have shown remarquable resourcefulness, perseverance and team work. During a two year period of joined collaboration, BesLogic have demonstrated their flexiblity and professionalism in the work they have accomplished with us. Congratulations and we hope to work together again!”

Stéphane Pineault

Software Group Manager

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